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Children’s Week 2024

Children’s Week 2024

Thousands of children across the country will applaud their right to childhood this year as part of Children’s Week, which will be celebrated between 19 October – 27 October 2024.

Children’s Week engages children and their families across Australia in activities, projects and events staged at numerous locations, including schools, childcare centres, parks, playgroups, libraries, and cultural and community groups.

Children’s Week is an annual event celebrated in Australia. A diverse range of events and activities are organised at national, state, and local levels to celebrate the rights of children to enjoy childhood and for the wider community to rejoice in their talents, skills, and abilities. In Queensland Children’s Week is convened by Children’s Rights Queensland.

“Children’s Week is an opportunity for children to celebrate their own achievements, display their talents, demonstrate their skills and have fun!” Dan Marais, President of Children’s Rights Queensland said.

“Children’s Week is an excellent opportunity for educators, parents, carers, and communities to educate children about their rights. Children’s Rights Queensland has a suite of resources available on our website to support with this, including a children’s book, teaching guides, activity books and training modules.”

The Children’s Week National Theme for 2024 is based on UNCRC Article 24: Children have the right to a clean and safe environment.

Children’s Rights Queensland is proudly supported by the Queensland Family and Child Commission.

To download promotional resources to share during the week visit: https://childrensrightsqld.org.au/childrens-week/promote

To learn more about the week visit: https://childrensrightsqld.org.au/childrens-week/

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