The TypeRights Font competition Frequently Asked Questions are outlined below.

There is no limit to the number of letters that can be submitted. We do ask that you upload one letter per form submission.

You are welcome to choose any letter of the alphabet. You can design an upper- or lower-case letter.

Parents/carers are welcome to submit designs for their children. All children should seek permission from their parents to submit artwork.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept consent from anyone other than the parent/guardian of each child, as they must agree to the terms and conditions in the form. If you have a large number of designs, please contact us at info@childrenrightsqld.org.au.

The Rights have been specially selected for the age group 3-11 years and we would prefer it if you didn’t change the right. If you are aged 12-17 years you can choose any right to go with your letter.

Only one file can be uploaded to the Children’s Rights Queensland website per submission. Children may choose to submit multiple letters but must submit the form again. We recommend you choose your best letter and submit this.

Winners will be notified between November 2020 and January 2021. CRQ will notify winners via email and they will be consulted about their design.

Designs using computer fonts won’t be accepted. If you draw a letter from scratch on a computer or device, you may submit this.