Become a TypeRighter!


Children’s Rights Queensland is calling on Queensland children to help us develop an alphabet for our new brand.

What is the TypeRights font?

Children’s Rights Queensland is calling on children across the state to help us develop a font for our new brand! We want Queenslanders aged under 18 years old to help create the letters of our new TypeRights Font. The font will be used on all sorts of things, such as posters, booklets and our website. We’ve got over 30 prizes to give away for winning designs.

Click on a link below to download an information pack or scroll on to discover more:

How to enter the competition!

What you need to do

  1. Choose your favourite letter (click here to view the suggested letters and rights). This could be the first letter of your name or a letter that aligns with a children’s right you like.

  2. Take a look at the inspiration page in the downloadable explainer booklets above, then design your letter (in upper or lower case) on an A4 sheet of paper. Try to theme your letter around a children’s right.

  3. Upload your design:

Who can enter?

You must be aged between 3 and 18 years and be a resident of Queensland. (Please note that proof of age and residency may be required if your submission is selected).


Winners will be selected by Children’s Rights Queensland. There may be a few designs chosen for some letters. Your letter will form part of the official TypeRights font which will appear on future Children’s Rights Queensland communications.

Top ten letter designs: Winners will receive a merchandise package with their letter printed on the items! They will also receive a sticker pack (which includes their letter), a certificate and they can opt to have their name credited on our website.

All other selected designs: Any other designs selected for the font will receive a sticker pack (which includes the letter), a certificate and winners can opt to have their name credited on our website.

Additional prizes: Get your parents/guardian to upload a photo of you working on your letter with #TypeRighters and you’ll be entered into a competition to win one of ten t-shirts with your letter printed on it!