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Article 15 supports children to grow and learn

Article 15 supports children to grow and learn

Giving kids the best opportunities to learn and grow is everybody’s business. Importantly, the way that we interact with children and young people every day can make a big difference to their lives.

Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 15:

Children have the right to meet together and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.

Children and young people grow and learn when we listen to Article 15. We can start by:

  • .. respecting children’s choices as much as possible about who they want to spend time with and how they can pursue their interests, and helping them to connect safely with others.
  • … being supporters and partners, instead of always being the leaders or decision-makers. Rather than telling a group what to do and how to do it, consider asking what they need from you. It might be helping them spread the word about their group. It might be providing a space for them to meet.
  • … trusting their capabilities. If you know children who have something they want to do or change, talk to them about their options. For young children, this might be designing their own play area, for older children this might involve them setting up a group to discuss important issues that are affecting their lives. 
  • … giving them space. Sometimes doing less is the best way to help. Step back and see how children and young people can organise themselves, and how much they can learn by being actively involved.
  • … understanding their rights. Learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Talk to children and young people about their rights. Respectfully remind other adults that children have rights. Put up a children’s rights poster in your home or workplace.

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